Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Twilight update.....

Okay, so I finished Twilight and New Moon in three days....I'm taking a break tonight and picking up Eclipse tomorrow! I'm addicted, what can i say!

Bike riding and awesome report cards!

Two things happened in our house today!!!!
Trace got an awesome report card. He is reading on a level 15, which is above average for this time of year! He needs to be a level 17 by the end of the year and he started off at a level 5 in August! To think that we almost held him back in K because he wasn't reading yet!

Also, Austin decided to show us today that he learned to ride his bike without us even knowing! He just started riding!!!! Very very cool! His bike is too small and we had promised them both that when they learn to ride, they get a new bike. Trace doesn't have any interest in learning yet, though. It's a little too dangerous for him! I'll keep ya posted on when he decides to take the leap!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trying to read Twilight

Okay, so i bought twilight about 2 weeks ago and it is still sitting in the same place on my nightstand! I thought since i don't get to go to the movies....EVER, then reading the book be better for me. So, you ask yourself why haven't I started it yet? Well, if you have a clue, let me know, because I sure don't!

This week

The things on my mind this week are

-our new president taking office
-my garage sale this weekend
-getting the boys ready for the camping trip

First, the pres! I have mixed feelings about him. As much as I would like to trust what he says and have hope that he can do the things he has promised. I just don't! I think he is a very nice man and a great father but I just don't see him leading our country. I pray that I am proven wrong, but I won't be holding my breath.

Second, I can't wait for the garage sale this weekend. I am looking at about 10 boxes piled in my hallway and can't wait to see them go. Hopefull I'll make some money as well! Put a little dent in all that Christmas shopping I did!

Third, the camping trip. My dad and Michael are taking the boys camping this weekend. Super exciting for them. They are going to get to fish, make S'mores, ride 4-wheelers, and sleep under the stars, what more could 2 little boys ask for?